Stresses at the Workplace

  1. Harassment from Bullying, Discrimination and Verbal Abuse, including Physical Abuse, in the Workplace

Have you experienced a senior staff or a superior plying his/her power over you because s/he knows you’re too vulnerable and can’t fight back? Trying to isolate you to make you feel non-existent or giving you unreasonable, voluminous workload? Aiming to single you out, putting you on erratic work schedules, sabotaging your work, pushing you around or seeking to clasp your wings because your mere presence and work skills are threatening? These are just few examples of bullying in the workplace.

Prejudiced treatment or denial of employment opportunities based on social status, race, gender, sexual preference, age, religion and disability are likewise forms of discrimination.

Verbal abuse in the workplace can overlap with bullying and discrimination. These are difficult to distinguish from one another, but all these fall in one pan, a clear form of work violence. It is when your annoying supervisor or co-worker has a habit of regularly demeaning you, calling you names, threatens to fire you, gossiping about you and humiliating you.


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